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Our Story

For nearly 25 years, we have served our patients with dedication, resilience, and flexibility.

Our humble beginnings began with our first patient in January 1998 on Tenth Avenue at 23rd street in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. We have a history of flowing with the changes. In August of 2000, we moved to the iconic Fred French Building on Fifth avenue to better serve our patients where they worked in midtown. We have always been resilient in our growing years, overcoming the September 11, 2001 tragedy and the 2008 financial crisis. We moved to the 54th street location in October 2011, right before Hurricane Irene hit. We endured Hurricane Sandy and the significant changes in my financial district neighborhood, two years later bringing me to Stamford, Connecticut, to live. Then came the Pandemic, and we were closed in NYC for fourteen weeks. We have remained in NYC due to our loyal patients and the continuity of their Care. We love our patients and feel they are part of our family.

Our divot point came with the pandemic uncertainty of how to take Care of everyone if the city shut down again and many patients moved all over the tri-state area. A divot is a golf term where the golfer abruptly upheaves grass and soil during a swing and then replaces it to regrow.

We welcome new and existing patients to experience our new modern, spacious location in Greenwich, CT. The new location is within walking distance from the Metro North train station from Grand Central Station. We remodeled and have placed all of our dental technology and Surgically Clean air filtration in the Greenwich office. We have free and plentiful parking. We offer our One on One Care with all our technology to make your Dental experience as comfortable as possible.

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